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stephen colbert is the lord of the lord of the rings


I tried some Tales quotes.

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my mom asked why i don’t read as many books as i used to and i just said it was because i read a lot of unpublished stories from independent writers online and she thinks that’s very good of me to give undiscovered authors a chance


i just read gay porn

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You cannot be fucking serious…




So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper.

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My Favorite 9 Favorite Captain Jack Sparrow Quotes- Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (Part 1) 

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was this movie even real



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He’d totally give it to Pepper. 

And Pepper would give him the “…YOU ASSHAT.” face before taking it and running it better than it probably deserved. Honestly, Tony’s been accidentally training Pepper to run the universe since he hired her.  And it’s a testament to her awesome that she’s handled it.

Anyway, Tony is incredibly selfish and self-serving… until he isn’t.  Which usually happens pretty quickly.  I kind of get that?  I mean, I’m the same way, but on a much smaller scale.  I want something really bad (I NEED IT, I NEED IT), I work my butt off to find the ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT IS of the thing I want, I save and scrimp and GET IT, and then two months later it’s usually sitting at the bottom of a drawer, or on a shelf, or I gave it to someone who it suited better.

Tony’s kind of similar?  I mean, just look at his art collection.  He kinda just… stored it, then gave it to the Boy Scouts of America because he was dying?  And while the “BECAUSE HE WAS DYING” thing was pretty prominent, he mostly just had it in storage?  I mean, Tony Stark as a character was supposed to be a bit of an amalgamation of Howard Hughes and William Randoph Hearst (as well as other famous million/billionaires during the 1960s, also BATMAN) and I find it interesting and a lot funny that in the movies he’s much more WRH?  And yeah, some of it comes out of the fact that IM established him as a West Coast billionaire dude, rather than an East Coast one, but the whole acquisition bent he has in the first film is very, very reminiscent of WRH.

Yeah, I lost the plot there.  HE WOULD TOTALLY GIVE THE WORLD TO PEPPER AND TRUST HER TO HANDLE THAT.  Then he’d run off to his batcave/lab and perfect desalinization or something.  Or, like, spend six weeks trying to figure out better Girl Scout cookie recipes.  Or figure out how to build and destroy Skynet.  Or, I dunno.  Build a starship.  Whatever.

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are you guys okay

I didn’t mean for this to get this many notes I’m just genuinely concerned for these people

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